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Woodland Glass

Acoustic Laminated Glass

For noisy locations, several types of acoustic glass can be supplied in single glazed, double glazed or triple glazed units.
We offer several different thicknesses to suit most requirements and a range of spacer bar types and colours are offered.

We stock the Stadip Silence acoustic glass by Saint Gobain but can source other types on request.
Guide to Acoustic Glass – Download

Common confirgurations are:
24mm 4-14-6.8 Argon (4mm softcoat / 14mm warm edge / 6.8mm Stadip Silence)
24mm 4-12-8.8 Argon (4mm softcoat / 12mm warm edge / 8.8mm Stadip Silence)
24mm 6.4-12-8.8 Krypton (6.4mm laminated softcoat / 8mm warm edge / 8.8 Stadip Silence)